Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Week (or two) Home

Brother & sister (note hand shoved in mouth = teething)

Going for a walk (and Alia thought she was going to escape the attack of the snowsuit here in America - nope)

Polenta anyone? Alia picked up eating solids like she has been doing it all her life. So far, she has had applesauce, Yo Baby yogurt (just like Leeza Serra), squash (a hard sell!), sweet potatoes (she has gotten in the habit of squealing every time she gets a spoonful), avocado, blue cheese polenta, roasted potatoes. Check out the tummy!

I will fill in the blanks later this week!


Susan said...

i have been waiting for this post forever!!! Such adorable pics-i love her tummy! Lil Leeza has one too!!!! She plays with it while sitting on her potty!!

I don't think I've ever eaten polenta, but Leeza sure loves rice and sweet potato like crazy-but NO WAY on applesauce-she spit it out. I think it must be too baby food like or something-which she bans-but she will do sliced apples just fine. :)

Love the pic of the kids together!

They both look so happy!
She also looks happy in her lil coat-perfect lil fit into your family. :)

can't wait for more details. :)

but, pictures tell the dealio-she is happy happy happy and mom is glowing. :)

dnd82001 said...

So happy to see an update - the kids are precious and a beautiful family!!

Can't wait to read more!


leevanschaik said...

Thanks for the update and the additional pics! I love seeing some of the things Lily and Cate wore on Alia! Luca and Alia look so sweet together. Soon he and Cate can commiserate over "little sister" issues.

Diana and Bob said...

She looks so tiny next to Luca. She is sooooo beautiful!

Jennifer M said...

Oh my gosh, look at those cheeks! They are amazing! Her face peeking out of the snow suit is absolutely adorable.

The tummy is too cute! She sure does get some wonderful food. Yum!

Thank you for the pics of the kids! They are so cute together, and it's always such a treat to see new pictures.

Shannon said...

Those Kaz girls love to eat, for sure ;-) Alexa loves applesauce and just giggles - I haven't tried polenta yet but you just gave me a great idea!

April said...

Congrats...it sounds like you have moved into a nice place in life right now and that Alia and Luca are doing well. Sorry about the teething-I hope it's not been too rough on either of you.

I laughed at the "see her belly" comment because I LOVE the little kid pot-belly. I love how they haven't a care in the world that they have these big, round chubby bellies. It makes me smile every time I see Laura running along (full of purpose, with arms pumping, but headed no-where in particular) with her big ole' pot belly sticking out. Cracks me up every time.

Now my big ole' pot belly...that's a different story, but not for this post :-)

Butch and Tracy said...

Looks like she is doing well. Seems to be eating for you!!! She is so cute.


Sara and Adam said...

I love the snowsuit picture! Those cheeks are the best!
Sounds like Alia is enjoying only the finest foods :-) We love yo baby and avocado in our house too. I might have to try polenta with Rylie- I love it, but never thought to make it for her.
Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!!! You all look wonderful!

Jen & Marshall said...

Blue Cheese Polenta??????? Huh?? Your Alia's tastes are more sophisticated than MINE! WOW. Poor Aila, she eats simple things - like cheese sticks and crackers! I think if she heard about Alia's menu, she'd look at me like "hello?"

Love the photos!

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Very cute pictures! Glad Alia is doing great and has a very healthy appetite!